Soccer Mania

Happy people after 4:0 victory
in quarter final of World Cup

on July 3rd, 2010

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Usually you do not see many people on the streets of little German towns. 00.jpg (135652 Byte)
Crowds do not appear without cause. 01.jpg (98258 Byte)
And in Germany,  there is nothing to arouse more frenzy than the National Team winning an important soccer game! 02.jpg (129338 Byte)
This always makes people happy and helps them enjoy their lives. 04.jpg (105122 Byte)
05.jpg (83020 Byte) 10.jpg (77821 Byte)
Expecting the car parade. 03.jpg (101758 Byte)
Regarding the burden of German history, swinging the national flag ... 06.jpg (112301 Byte)
... and wearing national colors is only admissible after winning soccer matches! 08.jpg (118491 Byte)
Pretty cheerleader runs to get a lift .... fan1.jpg (59988 Byte) fan2.jpg (75642 Byte)
.... and a seat in the luggage trunk. fan3.jpg (101773 Byte)
The car parade on July 3rd took place disregarding traffic laws. Every driver should have been punished for insecure passenger transport in hopelessly overloaded car. But the Police purposely stayed away and did not disturb the spontaneous event. auto1.jpg (73795 Byte)
Pretty girls in all doors and windows, auto2.jpg (95845 Byte)
on the roof, auto3.jpg (95042 Byte)
on the windshield, auto5.jpg (98987 Byte)
together with boys in the traditional "Lederhose". auto4.jpg (91419 Byte)
Goal scorer Miroslav Klose without helmet on a scooter! roller1.jpg (68556 Byte) roller2.jpg (102913 Byte)
auto6.jpg (111649 Byte)
The sound of horns and vuvuzelas fills the air. auto7.jpg (95164 Byte)
auto8.jpg (104676 Byte)
12.jpg (69926 Byte)
Eventually the crowd drops off, z2.jpg (92470 Byte)
some people stay for a last cigarette ... z1.jpg (115822 Byte)
... or continue their private project. z3.jpg (149273 Byte)
Others are on their way home and looking forward to the next soccer match, hoping for another victory and the subsequent frenzy! z5.jpg (62220 Byte)


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